Individual solutions for human resources management


Every day, HR managers face the challenge of needing to be ahead of the human resources market in order to attract the best minds for the company, to integrate new employees into the corporate culture quickly and successfully and to develop them further.


But how do you do this with little effort?


For more than 35 years we have been offering a targeted all-round carefree package as a specialist in highly motivating incentives to increase your success.


Our customers rely on our tailor-made solutions when it comes to attracting new employees, motivating the existing team to achieve a top performance and increasing the loyalty of their employees.


Attract new employees

Increase your attractiveness as an employer and the “Wow” experience for applicants. With Connex vouchers, you offer real incentives beyond the "usual". You already show in the job description why it is doubly worthwhile to apply, focus on career interests with extraordinary benefits and thus generate more prospect data.

Welcome new employees with a special welcome package and benefit from excellent company ratings on rating platforms (kununu, etc.). Use our voucher solutions to specifically encourage your workforce to actively participate in employee recruitment campaigns to succeed in the search for new talent. With our support you’ll become a “most wanted” employer.

Keep your employees at the company

You invest a lot of time and money in attracting new employees, so the main goal must be to keep them in the company long term. Many aspects, such as corporate culture, work-life balance and attractive, fair remuneration, are key here. A factor that is often underestimated is the feeling of appreciation. This can have both strong positive and negative effects on employee satisfaction.

Show your employees that you are appreciate their exceptional commitment and performance and provide positive feedback. Emphasise your satisfaction with our voucher solutions, a reward with a lasting effect. Motivate your employees to do more. It pays off, for both sides.

Turn your employees into
“Top Performers”

Can you do a little bit more?

Giving the best every day is a claim that can sometimes be fulfilled more easily than at other times. With a clear goal in mind, you can activate some extra reserves that take you back to the fast lane.

Financial incentives have proved their worth for a long time and continue to be very popular. However, the generations currently entering the labour market show us that work-life balance is very often the first priority and that well-being is more important than earnings. What to do if financial incentives do not (any longer) achieve the desired effects?

In addition to monetary bonuses, it is primarily instruments with emotional value that maintain a high level of motivation. Give your employees quality time. Profit from recovered, satisfied employees and create a win-win situation.

Our benefits for your

  • Anniversary gifts for company anniversaries, for long-term employees, etc.
  • Christmas gifts, where the partner is immediately rewarded
  • Incentives within the framework of welcome packages
  • Vouchers as a replacement for company parties, company excursions, etc.
  • Wedding/birth gifts
  • Recognition of educational success (e.g. apprenticeship, additional training, etc)
  • Stimulate sales competitions
  • Rewards for ideas competitions
  • Reward for participation in training, further education, etc. 
  • Recognition for successful completion of projects

It’s worth noting that employee motivation can be tax deductible.
Employee benefits that constitute an operating expense are tax-free up to a specified maximum.  

Idea management - more is

Who has the best insight into your business? Your employees!
Increased efficiency, knowledge transfer and streamlining of old-established processes are savings that cannot be measured in figures and nevertheless make a significant contribution to the company's success.   

Why give up a multitude of ideas when the potential is already on the premises? Employees actively contribute to the development of the company, provide valuable inspiration and think outside the box. There are big and small ideas, but they all have one thing in common: The employee has ideas – and that should be rewarded!

Money is not everything in idea management. In addition to monetary bonuses, it is primarily instruments with emotional value that maintain a high level of motivation. Connex offers you proven voucher solutions that encourage employees at all levels of the company to actively participate in the idea-finding process.

Connex has developed its own business unit for system solutions for all aspects of idea management.