Sales competitions

That's how winners are made.


Sales competitions are ideal tactical measures for setting sales-oriented priorities. For product launches, seasonal sales or even in difficult times, your sales team needs an extra helping of motivation. It is human nature to want to win. Use this and push your employees.


As a specialist with more than 35 years of sales promotion experience, Connex offers you fast-moving, scalable and proven solutions to maximise the success of your sales competition. The focus is on emotional motivation tools that enable you to reward each participant's extra effort.  

Sales competitions lead to
faster results

What exactly do you want to achieve with your sales competition? The aim is precisely defined at the beginning of the discussion and determines the success. Participants are demotivated from the outset if their targets are too high or if chances of success are not presented transparently enough.
Therefore, set realistic targets.

You should also ask yourself the following questions in advance:

  • How do I give all salespeople attractive opportunities to win? 
  • Which rating system is galvanising, fair and comprehensible for the participants?
  • How long should the sales competition last? 
  • Should there be intermediate assessments and immediate gains? 
  • Which communication measures are required?

So your sales competition becomes a sales machine

Use incentives in your sales competitions that can be communicated in a highly motivating manner due to their theme and perceived high value, so that participants can see at first glance: It's worth “fighting for”.

Incentives for sales competitions, which can be conveyed through emotional images and attractive texts, have an effect! Holiday, experience, leisure and enjoyment are all things that go a long way in terms of monetary rewards or practical things. With "Made by Connex” emotional incentives, which also offer individual freedom of choice for the recipient and are valid for 2 people, you are in the right place! 

Based on your objectives and optimally matched to your budget, Connex supports you with comprehensive experience in all relevant decisions and offers you individual solutions with guaranteed success.