Voucher solutions

Through the highly emotional themes of holidays, experiences and pleasure, Connex vouchers are ideal for offering long-term motivation to your sales partners, customers and employees.

Emotion as a success factor

Emotionally charging brands and products in interaction with customers and sales partners makes the decisive difference in today's networked and comparable world. Cash bonuses and variable salary components have long been the standard motivation in sales and human resource management and have a short-term effect on enthusiasm and commitment at best.

For more than 35 years, companies in many European countries have been focusing on the motivating and sustainable effect of our voucher solutions. Rewards that appeal on an emotional level create loyalty and thus strengthen identification and loyalty with the company.

Trust in our many years of experience and choose your emotional motivational products and benefits from different product categories that cover many preferences and popular leisure interests of your employees, sales partners and customers.

These are implemented in close cooperation with some 5,000 strong partners from the holiday, experience, gastronomy, lifestyle and retail sectors and are subject to high quality criteria.

Proven uses of Connex
voucher solutions

"Made by Connex” motivation solutions increase your success on many occasions and measures in sales, marketing and human resource management.

  • Added value/benefit performance
  • Promotion of sales competitions
  • Support for appointment acquisition
  • Reward for customers-recruiting-customers promotions
  • Data generation incentives
  • Boosters for contracts and sales
  • Spreading gain in off- and online promotions
  • Offer as part of a bonus/loyalty program
  • Benefit for subscribers
  • Remedies in complaint management
  • Thank you for special loyalty
  • Incentive for follow-up contracts
  • Welcome present
  • Benefit in the employee benefit programme
  • Remuneration for extraordinary effort
  • Ideas management rewards
  • Alternative to company trips and employee parties
  • Awards at sporting team events
  • Anniversary, wedding, retirement
  • Recognition of teaching degree, etc.
  • Christmas gift for employees, sales partners and loyal customers

Distinctive, individual packaging design

We offer almost unlimited possibilities for the presentation of your selected Connex motivation products, from budget-saving standard solutions to high-quality packaging solutions in your company’s own corporate design. All our gift packaging is available either in neutral packaging or individually adapted to your design requirements. We will be happy to advise you

Strong focus on sustainability
For all packaging solutions, we place a high value on sustainable materials. Our trusted production facility is certified with the Austrian eco-label; printing uses FSC-certified paper. Some products are produced using the cradle-to-cradle process – the world's most advanced and scientifically sound certification for products that are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Digital voucher solutions for
widespread use in real time

Fast, easy and better sooner rather than later. This is a claim that always presents us with new challenges. When it comes to efficient sales promotion, customer retention and employee motivation, quick solutions are required. Of course, our proven vouchers are also available as an online solution for those who are in a hurry.

Connex voucher solutions are available any time, quickly and easily in digital form and with comprehensive online services. Ideal uses include online loyalty programs or the innovative Connex system solutions for automated voucher dispatch, e.g. for enhancing customer data or generating leads or permissions for legally compliant newsletter communication.

Our service components

Use our know-how according to your needs - modular or full service. 

Benefit from our combined marketing and IT competence, which we have built up over our 35 years of international business through countless successful projects.

On the basis of our many years of expertise and comprehensive industry know-how, we can support you in the successful application of your Connex motivation solutions within the framework of action-oriented and long-term measures for sustainable employee motivation, customer loyalty and sales growth.

In addition to the high-quality standard solutions for the personal delivery or the sending of highly emotional products, we can also offer you design proposals tailored to the gift occasion, the target group or your corporate design for particularly effective packaging.

We will be pleased to provide you with free image and text materials for the targeting of your target group in order to promote your motivational measures. On request, we can also develop and implement integrated communication concepts with you, which support your marketing and sales strategies in the best possible way.

State-of-the-art online tools make it as easy as possible for your employees, customers or sales partners to take advantage of the voucher benefits. Thus, the booking process for short breaks is makes use of platforms that are known and familiar to the user (such as booking.com). Multilingual, of course, available on all terminals and with numerous filter criteria (e.g. electric filling station etc).