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Stricter climate targets, alternative drive systems, autonomous driving, connectivity, etc., the automotive industry is in a state of flux. Road travel faces a digital and sustainable future that requires customer-centric sales strategies. Take advantage of our comprehensive industry know-how for your sector activities!

On-demand solutions for increased sales and loyalty

With delivery delays and ever-increasing global competition, highly effective and affordable solutions for approaching new customers, promoting sales and increasing loyalty are required in order to reach and inspire reluctant consumers. Classic sales promotion tools such as advertising and discounts are particularly popular among younger target groups. This means that the aim of any dealership must be to sell more than just cars. In addition to a stylish design on four wheels, the buying experience and the emotional connection to the brand are decisive criteria for car lovers. And this is clear: Anyone who acts quickly and empathically if a delivery delay occurs or in after-sales service, whether this concerns complaints, unexpected repairs, etc., will strengthen the customer relationship permanently. On-demand "Made by Connex" solutions with emotionally appealing, auto-responsive themes make it particularly easy for you to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

01   Acquiring new customers

Bring new customers to the dealership

Most of the time, the decision to buy a vehicle is made during the test drive. During this "live performance" you can sell quickly, with high value and quality. Promote a test drive in your high-priced models with a hotel stay voucher or a restaurant voucher. Connex hotel vouchers, valid for 2 people and with a free choice of destination, are ideal for this purpose. The test drive will be an adventure for all the senses!

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A personal recommendation gives a good feeling, because what is more convincing than hearing about the positive experiences of people you know? Motivate your satisfied customers to become an ambassador for your brand among their family and friends. As an incentive, they can use 1-night-stay Connex hotel vouchers in one of many hotels of their choice! The Connex online referral system, which automates the process of rewarding both referrers and referees, makes referral management simple and efficient.

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A competitive market requires active action and ideas that stand out from the competition. Instead of high discounts (which raise questions about the true value of the service), use brand messages that resonate with the market and make you independent of discounts. With Connex hotel vouchers, an invitation to a short break for 2, you can get an incentive that increases the value for the buyer even more and adds an emotional boost to your brand.

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02   Sales promotion

Sell more cars

With a large number of stock vehicles, targeted sales strategies are the order of the day. The high-quality Connex incentives support you in this challenge by offering your prospective buyers additional individual holiday treats and experiences.

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Purchase decisions can be made more quickly on site based on personal advice and the sensory experience. Connex vouchers with valued advantages, such as holidays for 2 people, are ideal as effective incentives for visiting the dealership and give the sales pitch a very personal touch.

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With the prospect of particularly sought-after sales success premiums, enthusiasm for action quickly increases. Connex offers individual motivational products with an attractive price/value ratio that encourage both top performers and newcomers to your sales team to work even harder.

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03   Customer satisfaction

Retain customers at the dealership in the long term

Customers don't buy products or services, customers buy good feelings. So what is more obvious than responding to the customer on an emotional level in the event of a complaint. Connex offers individual tools for complaint management that, due to their theme of a holiday, enjoyment and experience, immediately trigger positive feelings and quickly put things right with the customer relationship.

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Bridge the extended waiting time with a sticking plaster that guarantees
to soothe:

Holiday delight for two, simply presented with "Made by Connex” vouchers. The vouchers, which have been tried and tested in the automotive industry, are available with various content and in many price categories.

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When handing over the vehicle to the proud new owner, take the opportunity to anchor your dealership even more firmly in your customer's memory. Thank them for their trust with a Connex voucher for holiday treats for two! Holiday experiences and the many beautiful memories of them connect your dealership with the customer in the long term. With a positive side effect: They are guaranteed to tell others about this personal gesture!

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