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Today, wholesale companies need to rethink their role. The competition from global online retailers and 24/7 purchasing behaviour, as well as small start-ups that act quickly and creatively, are putting pressure on the industry. Is price still the only criterion for determining whether a purchase is made? We can show you new strategies for success in many sectors!

Successfully differentiate yourself as a wholesaler

Those who, in view of the current general conditions, put their faith in the right strategies and manage to set themselves apart from the market in a positive way can continue to play a successful role and achieve sales growth in the future.

Possibilities to stand out from the competition are certainly available. Ask yourself: How do I get our customers to behave in a way that suits me? What benefits and services would provide our customers with so much value that they no longer even think about buying elsewhere? True customer engagement of the future is created by delivering tangible value across the entire customer journey and experiences that meet the individual needs, preferences and desires of each individual customer. It's this customer-centric one-to-one view that offers the potential to maintain long-term customer loyalty and drive your revenue without being dependent on discounts. Connex is your partner with unique industry know-how from close and long-term cooperation with internationally renowned wholesale companies.



01   Acquiring new customers

Understand what people want

A competitive market requires active action and ideas that stand out from the competition. Instead of discounts, use value-added offers that make you independent of price reductions. With Connex holiday incentives or an attractive "Made by Connex" reward programme, you have highly effective instruments at your disposal to use as convincing arguments in the acquisition process.

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Satisfied customers are even better ambassadors for your company when they receive personal recognition for successful referrals. Consider collectable free hotel nights or a travel voucher that can be used to motivate and reward referrers and referees alike with a fully automated solution. We have the right solution for you!

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The advantages of online ordering systems are obvious: Significant time and cost savings through direct 24/7-order processing, customer data acquisition for automated one-to-one sales and marketing activities, and easier cross-/up-selling. Connex offers proven motivation solutions – from high-quality individual incentives to the implementation of a long-term bonus programme, including accompanying communication services – to accelerate shopping in the online shop. 

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02   Sales promotion

More power in sales

With Connex Incentives, you can motivate newcomers and top performers at your sales partners to spend more, because holidays, experiences and enjoyment are highly sought after rewards. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality products to match the sales levels of your sales competition. Benefit from the best price/value ratio and maximise your budget!

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To increase traffic and sales, it is worth using motivation measures that, for example, offer attractive premiums for consultation appointments or for achieving defined sales levels at trade fairs. The Connex range includes highly effective emotional incentives that help you to make the best use of your budget through their unbeatable price/value ratio.

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Strengthen your sales promotions with attractive additions from the Connex product portfolio. We have developed incentives specifically for widespread use "with high value at a low price", such as travel vouchers that provide your customers with holiday money worth EUR 100,- using your company’s corporate design.

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03   Customer satisfaction

Connectedness creates commitment

To retain existing customers, you need to ensure that they are not susceptible to competitive "enticements". Show your customers what they mean to you with coveted and budget-optimised “made by Connex” customer incentives or with a full-service customer loyalty programme designed specifically for your needs with up-to-the-minute rewards.

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If you do not want to be dependent on price reductions as part of customer reactivation, convince with attractive added-value solutions and highly effective motivation tools from Connex. With highly emotional incentives or the development and all-round support of a long-term bonus programme, we can help you to achieve convincing added value.

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On suitable business occasions or personal events, such as birthdays or Christmas, take advantage of the opportunity to retain your existing customers even more closely with an emotional gift. Thank them for their trust with a Connex hotel voucher for holiday treats for two for example!

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