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In times of stagnating and declining subscriber numbers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for magazine publishers and daily newspapers to retain their subscribers, attract interested parties to (digital) subscriptions and target new target groups.

Connex can support you in many areas efficiently.

Publishers score with exclusive reader benefits

Today, for successful subscriber retention and reader acquisition, real customer commitment is needed. Only highly engaged customers are willing to pay for information acquisition and remain loyal to the provider given what is available online for free. In addition to quality journalism and a high level of reading pleasure, subscribers can expect exclusive benefits in exchange for their loyalty. Target-group-oriented measures that also provide subscribers with an emotional benefit and thus turn them into fans and enthusiastic ambassadors of your daily newspaper or your publishing product have the desired effect: Decreasing cancellations, increasing sales and advertising revenues and the development of new revenue streams. Connex offers specific solutions for the challenges of publishing that connect you with your readers on a very personal level.


01   Reader/subscriber retention

Motivate with the most beautiful sides of life

If readers and subscribers gain access to exclusive content, products or services that they cannot easily obtain in the "normal way", this strengthens their loyalty to their daily newspaper or magazine. Highly emotional and individually usable benefit offers with themes of holidays, experience and enjoyment are ideal to avoid cancellations and the customer switching to a competitor. Actionist offers on traditional occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day are particularly successful examples of applications.


02   Subscriber recovery

Delight lost customers

Are you looking for convincing arguments to win back subscribers? Enriching the subscription with a coveted and unique addition increases the chance of a "Welcome back!". Hotel stays, restaurant vouchers or short holiday packages, each valid for 2 people, are extremely popular! At Connex, choose emotional motivational solutions for every budget.

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Subscribers are considered particularly loyal. They feel more connected to companies they subscribe to than to companies whose products they buy through a one-time transaction. But they expect appreciation for their loyalty. An attractive loyalty programme with exclusive benefits does this for you in the long term and does so efficiently. Take advantage of our many years of know-how in creating, operating and further developing tailor-made
loyalty programmes!

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03   Sales promotion

Offer emotional buying arguments

Whether in print, online or multi-channel, emotional incentives are more powerful than anything else in sales promotion campaigns. Motivation products with emotionally appealing topics are also ideal for attracting new customers to (digital) subscriptions, for generating data through recommendation or for acquiring advertising customers. Proven examples are the digital Connex hotel or travel vouchers with automated sending. Achieve maximum impact with optimised funds!

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