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The insurance business is very competitive. The high price competition for standard products, the large number of comparison portals, increasing quality requirements and the increasing willingness to change are the major challenges facing the industry. Benefit from our know-how in many areas! 

Differentiation as
a success strategy in
reaching customers

With innovative, proven value-added strategies and highly effective acquisition tools for easy use by your employees, Connex offers exciting ways to retain your existing customers in the long term and to successfully cross-sell your insurance products. Take advantage of our industry experience to attract more young consumers and to encourage profitable sales partnerships, e.g. with the car trade, to stand out convincingly from your competitors.


01   Acquiring new customers

Connect holidays

Tailor-made product enrichment concepts for insurance companies with a focus on emotional issues such as holidays, experiences and enjoyment are a focal point of the Connex service offering. As a successful incentive to conclude, for example, the holiday UNLIMITED holiday programme is used, which offers customers an unlimited number of hotel nights for the entire duration of the insurance contract and thus promotes loyalty.


Motivate your satisfied customers to become ambassadors for your company and your insurance products with the highly emotional Connex voucher solutions. A 100 euro travel voucher for hotel stays or package holidays as a thank you for providing three referral addresses is a tried and tested example.


Help your sales force make appointments in a highly effective way. Connex Incentives provide an emotional start to the conversation on the basis of the motto "You give me your time, we give you holiday benefits", and this is – as practice shows – a good starting point for a successful sale.

02   Sales promotion

Create anticipation

Reward your sales force and sales partners for their increased effort in sales competitions with highly coveted rewards at every level of sales achieved. Due to the attractive price/value ratio of Connex incentives, you can make the most of your budget and make everyone "the winner".


Connex holiday products can be used as an incentive for the conclusion of several insurances or for an increase in the contract amount. One example is hotel vouchers, which can be individually adapted to your requirements, starting with the hotel selection and packaging up to the corporate design, and which you can accompany with attractive communication measures.


Learn more from your customers to better align your marketing and sales activities with their needs or to make it easier to communicate with them. A small thank you from the Connex portfolio, e.g. a 100 euro travel voucher for sharing an email address certainly motivates and keeps them happy for a long time! Connex can also support you with a fully automated process!

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03   Customer retention

Active damage limitation with
a win-win effect

Surprise selected customers with a gift that expresses your appreciation and confirms this in their decision during the contract period. With emotional incentives, such as a Connex hotel voucher, you can permanently retain your existing customers at your company.

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Use boosters from the extensive Connex range for targeted customer recovery actions. The tried and tested motivation products reach everyone with emotional topics such as holidays for 2 people and thus open the door to personal consultation and new contracts with customers who have been lost.


If mistakes happen and dissatisfied customers complain, fast action is invaluable! Connex offers proven voucher solutions for each escalation stage of the complaint to regain the support of your customers. All products are immediately available, can also be sent as digital vouchers and, due to their emotional content, are reliable and effective in the long term.

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