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Banks and savings banks need to adapt to the increasingly difficult market environment. Almost every day, new, globally active providers and increasingly foreign banks are joining forces as competitors, among them more and more FinTechs, which challenge established companies with financial innovations. Use our know-how to successfully stand out thanks to innovative ideas!


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Efforts must be directed towards securing market position and attracting customers with competent personal advice and tangible added value in connection with modern digital services. In addition, demand-oriented product sales must be pushed through in all customer life situations and phases and existing customers must be retained in the long term. Connex has been successfully working with customers in the financial services sector for many years and has developed highly effective solutions for business initiation for successful cross-selling and long-term customer retention, which also convince through digital competence.


01   Acquiring new customers

Captivate customers with added value

By enhancing their standard account models, banks and savings banks are successfully overcoming ongoing price pressure and avoiding the interchangeability of products. Connex incentives are notably used at the time of account fee increases or as product enrichment for higher-priced account models, which, due to their attractive price/value ratio, enable the bank/savings bank to multiply its budget and secure a unique selling point.

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Personal recommendations are particularly valuable in sensitive financial matters because they create an atmosphere of trust ahead of time. In order to make this path to new customers particularly efficient, Connex has developed analogue and digital solutions with a high motivation factor. The digital system ensures fully automated data acquisition in compliance with GDPR and provides easy-to-use reporting tools.

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With personal advice, you create a closeness to the customer, which facilitates the sales discussion, creates an atmosphere of trust and conveys competence. Promote appointment acquisition, for example, with attractive holiday incentives as a thank you. With the Voucher Cockpit, Connex provides you with an automated logistics system for the digital sending of these vouchers.

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02   Sales promotion

Specific measure for
closing and selling

Incentives that are universally applicable and sought after are in demand as a thank you for the consultation appointments and incentive for opening an account or concluding contracts for other bank or partner services. "Holiday money" in the form of Connex travel vouchers, which are characterised by high value at a low price, have a particularly reliable effect.

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To the current account a savings book, to the savings book an investment product … with the offer of further services, banks and savings banks manage not only to win additional business but also to bind customers even more closely, because with higher involvement the willingness to change decreases. Attractive product attributes as an incentive make up-/cross-selling easier and give make existing customers feel appreciated. Connex offers a wide range of emotional voucher products with full service, especially for this application.

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The better you know your customers, the more targeted you can be when offering the right products and services and making deals. A fully automated, GDPR-compliant, highly attractive Connex system is available for data generation. As a thank-you to customers for the addition of personal data, highly coveted emotional incentives in the form of digital travel or hotel vouchers are used, using the corporate design on request.

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03   Customer retention

Small gifts promote

Investment in customer loyalty management pays off. Customers who feel valued are less price sensitive and do not even consider switching to their competitor. As an example, Connex voucher solutions that provide your customers with a personal benefit, offer them pleasure, wellness or culinary delights, can be offered as a surprise gift for an "account birthday". The tailor-made Connex full service loyalty programmes are proving to be sustainable change-avoidance schemes.

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New terms and conditions are introduced, account management fees are increased, account models are adjusted etc. – whenever the approval of your customers is required, attractive incentives provide valuable services.
A 100 euro travel voucher or long-term holiday benefits with the Travelcard unlimited – proven motivation products from the Connex portfolio – appease customers, avoid discussions and do not even let the thought of a change arise.

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Existing customers also want to be valued and are constantly looking for confirmation for the chosen financial service provider. Other vendors are just a few clicks away, making product comparability easier than ever before. "Small gifts promote friendship" and emotional Connex incentives or option vouchers for redemption at renowned retailers always meet the needs of your customers – this strengthens customer loyalty in the long term!

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