Recommendation marketing

Generate contact addresses as easily and legally as possible.


Recommendations are the hottest leads in sales. However, due to more stringent data protection regulations, contact by telephone and email is not permitted without express consent.


Therefore, Connex recommendation systems not only help you to efficiently generate high-quality recommendations, but also provide you with data protection-compliant permissions for contacting the referral addresses.

What makes
recommendation marketing successful?

More than 70% of customers trust recommendations. If companies succeed in supporting recommendations in a targeted manner, recommendation marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers. Ideally, the recommendation process will be automated with a tool, so that it is done quickly and without effort

Recommendation systems should be easy to implement, resource-efficient in their application and provide full legal security. However, an incentive system is also needed to generate as many of the much sought-after recommendations as possible. A key success factor is that the referrer is rewarded for their efforts.

System for new customers

Our system - Your success

Connex recommendation tools are based on innovative solutions that are designed to be easy to use and provide features that enable targeted acquisition of new customers with legally sound contact data protection.

Our online recommendation platform records the receipt of the recommendation, the approval of the contact up to the confirmation of the appointment. The automatically evaluated data enables a permanent success check and offers the possibility of ongoing dialogue with active recommendation providers.

We also provide a solution that allows you to automatically email vouchers as a referral bonus in real time.

The right
referral rewards

What motivates satisfied customers to recommend others? Desirable rewards! 

With the Connex recommendation systems, existing customers are motivated to recommend others through particularly attractive incentives. Our incentives are characterised by:

  • Simple logistics: Vouchers can be sent via email in real time via the referral tool.
  • High level of perceived value: Connex's referral awards are highly valued and suitable for a broad audience.
  • Collectable: As an example, collectable holiday days can be used to increase the value of the reward by making multiple referrals.

The recommendation process

  1. Recording of the recommendation
    The online recommendation platform automatically records the receipt of the recommendation, the approval of the contact as well as appointment scheduling (with sales force) and confirmation of the appointment.
  2. Automated delivery of referral award
    Referral award vouchers are sent in real time via email. Both the referrer and the referee will be rewarded.
  3. Ongoing communication
    Integrated possibility for ongoing dialogue with active referrers in order to generate further recommendations.
  4. Success control and management
    All recorded data can be evaluated, thus permanent success control and management of the recommendation programme is possible.

Success monitoring can optionally be extended to the conclusion of the sales process.