New ways to reach consumers

Brand retention, faster product rotation, more attention at the POS and successful cross-selling are the major aims in the FMCG sector and require new approaches in which Connex can support you in many areas.

Promoting lasting
brand experience and sales

Opinion formation via social media and personal recommendations carry a lot of weight when it comes to purchasing decisions compared to traditional communication measures. Innovative solutions are required in the search for forward-looking strategies that meet changing purchasing patterns and ever-increasing customer expectations. Last but not least, the new challenges require individual motivation concepts for our own employees and strategic partners. Over 35 years, Connex has built up expertise in the FMCG industry and, on the basis of this expertise, has developed effective motivation solutions that attract attention at the POS and efficiently contribute to boosting sales and strengthening brand loyalty by using the latest technologies.



01   Acquiring new customers

Increase desire

Bundle your products with individual Connex vouchers from the holiday and leisure sector. Due to the highly emotional themes, these arouse great desire among consumers and thus increased interest in buying - with a lasting effect on your sales and brand value!


Innovative and highly motivating "Made by Connex” promotional solutions make it possible to offer attractive prizes on a fixed budget regardless of the number of participants and thus turn buyers into enthusiastic repeat customers.

02   Sales promotion

Increase performance systematically

Convince your customers with attractive incentives to choose other suitable products from your range in addition to the main product. This way you can effectively increase your turnover per customer while maintaining price integrity. Connex offers you innovative cross-selling concepts with highly emotional incentives as a proven encore solution.


Consumer promotions (on-pack, via displays or till receipt, etc.) can be efficiently implemented with online system solutions and highly motivating amplifiers from the Connex portfolio and provide valuable data about your shoppers and their buying behaviour as well as permissions for targeted email marketing measures.


Emotional Connex incentives can be used with long-term effect to promote the personal involvement of sales partners, store managers, promoters, branch managers and sales staff. Connex also offers efficient solutions that are already proving themselves in many ways to increase the success of sales competitions.


Loyalty campaigns that allow customers to earn loyalty points and exchange them for attractive rewards with every purchase attract attention and ensure that customers keep returning to the POS. Connex supports you with impressive concepts and coveted holiday and lifestyle rewards.

03   Brand retention

Top-of-mind awareness with your customers

Emotionally connected customers are less price sensitive, have great confidence in your brand, and are therefore more loyal. Connex offers you solutions that enable you to bundle your products or services with unique, highly emotional advantages to create enjoyable experiences and adventures with your brand and your company, and to do so on a lasting basis.

Strong brands rely on Connex

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