Data generation

Sales and marketing professionals get the data they need.
Big data, data-driven marketing, or one-to-one communication are hot topics that sales and marketing executives can't avoid.


Connex system solutions provide you with innovative "out of the box” solutions for generating leads, permissions and/or enriching existing customer data for targeted sales and marketing measures without additional personnel costs.


Use our full service – from the provision of the system solution with automated incentives, to the 1:1 newsletter communication with our Corporate Design Service and reporting. 

At the touch of a button, valuable data – it doesn’t get any easier!

  1. Generate email addresses for cost-effective, real-time communication
  2. Obtain newsletter permissions for legally compliant online marketing
  3. Generate leads and prospects
  4. Update existing customer data to exploit all revenue potential
  5.  Professional data management for flexible marketing activities without spreading loss

The Logistics Tool -
Efficient incentives

When it comes to data generation, the following question inevitably arises: "How do I motivate my target group to provide us with (additional) personal data at the lowest possible cost?"

Leads and even existing customers need a particularly attractive and immediately usable incentive to disclose (more) personal and, above all, authentic data (real email addresses). Therefore, the desirability of the incentive also ensures the quality of the data.

A logistics tool developed by Connex allows you to use highly motivating and cost-effective vouchers for incentives and to send them automatically in real time without any internal effort. 

Holidays in exchange for relevant data

Connex has specially developed low-cost holiday vouchers (e.g. the Connex travel voucher) for widespread use in data generation. These vouchers can be delivered to the recipient as digital vouchers with your corporate design directly from your desk by email at any time.

A holiday is a highly emotional issue. From the anticipation of relaxing or particularly exciting days to the memory of the amazing time, a holiday is a long-term, popular experience. Use this for your purposes.