Advantage/ Added-Value programmes

Saturated markets and a high degree of competition require effective measures for customer retention and differentiation from the competition. New strategies are needed in the race for customers.


Connex has developed innovative solutions that enable you to offer consumers highly motivating benefits in addition to product benefits in the context of long-term customer relationships.

Cost efficiency through refinancing

Within the framework of our numerous benefit/added value programmes, we have built up long-term partnerships that secure us unique purchasing conditions for the procurement of benefits. For example, you can not only provide your customers with coveted lifestyle rewards and branded items at no cost, but also refinance your expenses.

Various "Made by Connex” offline and online tools are available:

  • Card system

  • Voucher system

  • Online bonus programme

Added value for your customers = Added value for your business

Retain consumers. Increase turnover.

Achieve many positive and lasting effects on your business success and strengthen your customer relationships with our added value/benefit programme. Benefit from positive effects such as:

  • increased revenue through long-term customer retention

  • stand out from the competition through USP

  • emotionalization of your product/service

  • less price sensitivity

  • a continuous positive experience for your customers

  • cancellation/exchange avoidance

  • up-/cross-selling

  • sales support/acquisition

  • generation of recommendations

  • channel for regular dialogue

  • defuse delivery difficulties or complaints

Ideal for large B2C audiences

Connex benefit and added value programmes are ideal instruments for long-term customer retention and sales growth, particularly for companies, associations and businesses with a large number of customers and long-term customer relationships, e.g. long contract terms. The programmes can be quickly adapted to your industry requirements and CD guidelines.

100% customer retention – 0% effort

You can decide for yourself who you want to target and incentivise within the scope of your added value/benefit programme and we take care of all the handling and support. From the design and implementation of your individual programme to the selection and provision of attractive benefits, accompanying communication measures up to administration, logistics and customer service.

One-to-one communication that connects.

Connex added value/benefit programmes offer many opportunities to communicate with your customers in person and on a regular basis. You always have an additional argument at hand to help you attract attention to your products and services, to cross-sell in a targeted manner, and thus to promote long-term loyalty.