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The strong competitive environment and online comparability make it more challenging than ever for manufacturers to secure and expand their own market position. Here, many marketing activities require innovative approaches that do not focus solely on pricing policy. Use our industry know-how for your success!

Increase turnover and loyalty 

Above all, using communication concepts tailored to the target group and meaningful data, it can be possible to better understand the demands of your customers and value-added partners, to respond to them individually and to achieve sales growth and loyalty by differentiating them from the competition. For years, manufacturers have been working with Connex to help them start their business, drive sales, and retain processors, such as installers, tradesmen, farmers, shop owners, electricians, etc. With our industry know-how and the use of our highly motivating products, loyalty programmes and systems, we offer you innovative ways to accelerate your business and keep your customers in mind.


01   Acquiring new customers

Added value convinces and makes your product more valuable

Comprehensive online services, especially online shops, are strong arguments for acquisition and, according to experience, quickly lead to additional profits. Online shoppers are also more loyal and better looked after by better understanding their data and buying habits. To inspire professional processors directly, i.e. without going through intermediaries, such as the wholesale trade, for their (online) offer, for example vouchers for collectable hotel nights or travel vouchers that can be used as emotional motivators effectively and inexpensively. Ideally, these are combined with a long-term bonus programme that rewards sales.

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With individual value-added offers that give your target group a real, comprehensible advantage, you make yourself independent of discounts. Attractive add-ons add value to your products as a product enrichment and are an ideal alternative to discounts. A bonus programme with attractive benefit offers also helps to minimise price discussions in the long term. We have the right solution for you!

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Connex has developed a system solution for industrial companies that makes it easy to get to know their trade customers without the need for coordination with the wholesale trade. On the basis of the data obtained, you can communicate directly with the end customers and bind sales partners to the offer in the long term. The unrivalled system can be optimally combined with a reward system or sales promotion campaigns.

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02   Sales promotion

Strengthen sales simply and purposefully

Connex incentives are used successfully in the context of product launches and sales promotion. Many of these incentives are available at very low cost and can therefore be used as a booster for broad sales promotion measures with budget saving in mind. An example is a holiday allowance of €100,- in the form of a travel voucher, starting from €1,- per piece. Connex holiday bonuses are also an attractive reward for sales in online shops.

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For your sale competitions, trust in incentives that trigger high values and fulfil individual desires. The prospect of rewards that promise holidays, experiences or enjoyment inspire everyone to do even more! Connex offers highly motivating incentives for each award level, with these emotional themes and a unique price/value ratio. Get more out of your budget!

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Trade fairs in particular are still of great importance for industrial marketing. Through personal contact and the demonstration of new products, a trade fair presentation brings you closer to your potential customers and sales partners than any other marketing measure. Attractive incentives, such as the highly emotional Connex voucher solutions, create additional motivation for your target groups to visit product presentations.

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03   Retailer engagement

Systematic to No.1

“Next Level Loyalty” is the claim of the customer-centric Connex loyalty programmes. Benefit from measurable solutions to increase turnover through long-term loyalty from your retailer and our comprehensive consulting and implementation expertise. Our loyalty experts will be happy to advise you for free and without obligation as part of a Telko!

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It is worth investing in efforts to win back lost retailers when these customers are paying for themselves in terms of customer lifetime value. Connex motivation solutions can be used particularly efficiently as boosters in the context of reactivation campaigns, because they combine highly emotional customer benefits with the best possible use of resources.

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In order to effectively support your sales partners in the "sell-out", Connex offers solutions that have been proven to generate additional sales and for promoting sales promotions. Invest in the long-term loyalty of your sales partners in a budget-optimised way!

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