Increase leasing
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Time-limited mobility solutions offers companies flexibility, predictability, cost transparency and tax benefits. In addition, leasing models are also an efficient solution to meet the current challenges of a modern fleet such as digitalisation, electric mobility and sustainability. Connex can help you accelerate your business in many sectors.

Emotional motivational solutions for car leasing

More and more leasing companies are competing for customers with individual contract design, impressive vehicle fleets and attractive financing models. With innovative customer acquisition and retention strategies, you will be able to differentiate yourself in this strong competitive environment, win new customers, motivate existing customers to take out follow-up contracts and turn satisfied customers into valuable ambassadors for your leasing offers. The successful solution is: Offer your leasing customers a highly emotional brand experience!

Connex can provide you with comprehensive support with individual, industry-proven solutions.


01   Acquiring new customers

Use the right incentives

Offer your prospects real and sustainable value-added benefits when they sign a leasing agreement with the prospect of lasting holiday benefits. An example of success: The TRAVEL CARD grants the holder unlimited hotel nights for the entire duration of the contract and can – using your company’s corporate design – be attractively promoted via many communication channels and at various touch points.


Satisfied customers are even better ambassadors for your company when they receive personal recognition for successful referrals. Consider collectable free hotel nights or a travel voucher that can be used with a fully automated solution to reward referrers and referees. We have what you need!


Learn more from your customers to better align your marketing and sales activities with their needs or to make it easier to communicate with them. A small thank you from the Connex portfolio, e.g. a €100 travel voucher for sharing an email address or as an incentive to update data, certainly motivates and keeps them happy for a long time! We can also support you with a fully automated process.

02 Sales promotion

Awaken longings

If you are looking for attractive incentives to increase the efforts of your sales partners, e.g. the sales team of a car dealership, in selling your car leasing products, you can rely on long-term holiday benefits, which can be used easily and budget-optimised in the form of Connex voucher solutions or as part of a long-term loyalty programme with coveted rewards.


Sales competitions are a key pillar in boosting the car leasing business, provided there is a strong incentive to make extra effort. The high-quality Connex vouchers for holidays, experiences and enjoyment are sought-after and industry-proven incentives with a high motivation factor, which can be conveniently redeemed in an online reward shop, for example.


Offer a personal thank you to your existing customers for continued use of your leasing services! Collective vouchers for free hotel nights for hundreds of hotels of your choice in many European countries are always well received and strongly encourage customers when choosing their leasing partner.

03 Customer retention

Push loyalty successfully

Reward customer loyalty and successful collaborations with holiday benefits. Benefit from the best price/performance ratio and really inspire your customers. Emotional moments create connections and stay in the memory longer than another percentage discount.


Implement an online loyalty programme with Connex Full Service, offering coveted rewards across many areas of life, such as holidays, experience and lifestyle, to reward existing customers for their loyalty and inspire them with their leasing products in the long term, or to reward your sales partners for their additional efforts.

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Use boosters from the extensive Connex range to win leasing customers back. The proven motivational products reach everyone with emotional issues such as holiday pleasures for 2 people, thus opening the door for consultation and rewarding business with departing customers.


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