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The Connex Marketing Group has established close links with around 5,000 companies from industry, services, retail and trade over more than 35 years. Thanks to these contacts there are many opportunities to reach new target groups and to win over guests for Connex partner hotels and restaurants. 


More than 50,000 bookings are handled by Connex each year. Renowned companies and well-known brands recommend Connex partner hotels and restaurants to their customers, business partners and employees. This means that, as a hotel or restaurant, you will have direct access to interesting target groups that are otherwise difficult to attract. 


Strong brands recommend your hotel

Das Connex Principle

Rooms available! Whether due to cancellations or for seasonal reasons – empty rooms incur fixed costs and generate no sales. But that doesn't have to be the case. Make your rooms available and benefit from our sales network.

Sit back and let yourself be found. Our many individual voucher editions with different holiday themes include an exclusive hotel selection, perfectly matched to your positioning. 

Expand your team with 150 employees! From a dedicated sales team to trend-knowledgeable marketing professionals, Connex employees market your empty rooms automatically and beyond national borders. Our high-quality print catalogues and practical online solutions reach more than 5,000 customers and over 10,000 newsletter contacts. 

Companies use Connex hotel vouchers as gifts to their top customers and employees, and thus promote your hotel with their name. Not only do you benefit from additional bookings and increased visibility, but you are also associated with prestigious brand names.

Bookings of otherwise empty rooms will increase your earnings. In the restaurant and at the bar, guests consume food and drink and additional hotel services are booked. In addition, each new guest is also a potential regular guest who will generate long-term returns.

Every satisfied guest is a chance to get a top rating. Some guests automatically don't leave reviews because it’s not something they do. Many reviews are lost because most guests simply don't actively engage with the review process and just need a little motivation. Connex conducts guest surveys for you and actively requests recommendations and ratings on HolidayCheck and Google. 

Your job is to pamper your guests – you can leave the rest to us:

In addition to the extensive promotion of your hotel services through all our channels, voucher holders have access to a multilingual booking portal with customer service in many languages. This means we not only take over the active pre-sale of your services and offers, we communicate with each guest before and after their arrival/departure on behalf of your hotel.

Innovative guest acquisition with added value!

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Individual hotel marketing via multiple channels

For successful marketing, Connex partner hotels are always presented comprehensively and attractively in line with their positioning – in high-quality print products, on large Internet portals, corporate websites and Connex Marketing Group websites.


We offer voucher solutions with a wide range of themes from wellness and recreation to active holidays, from rural holidays to city holidays, but also simple country inns to upscale luxury hotels. This means your positioning is also reflected in our products and contributes sustainably to image formation.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Capitalise on empty rooms.
  • No effort for you. You decide when the customer can come to your hotel as a guest based on your free room capacity.
  • Connex will send promotional information from your hotel to the guest PRIOR to arrival. The direct sale of your hotel services is supported. 40% increase in sales according to a long-term study.
  • You receive the guest who has received the accommodation as a free gift and, therefore, still has their entire holiday budget to spend. Significant willingness to purchase additional services, all without commission.
  • Connex will send an email to the guest on behalf of your hotel requesting feedback and an active recommendation AFTER their departure. Forwarding your top reviews will result in more reviews, more recommendations and more direct bookings..

For more than 20 years, we have been a partner of Connex, which we value highly as an important distribution partner. Connex's large portfolio gives us access to a wide range of distribution channels.

Hotel Steger-Dellai, Seiser Alm / Dolomiten - Herr Michael Steiner

Connex brings added value to guest acquisition with flexibility and a super nice team!

AROSEA Life Balance Hotel, St. Walburg / Ultental - Frau Anne Stauder

Our long-standing cooperation gives us access to renowned brands and companies. This high-quality network, combined with Connex's comprehensive marketing services, is an effective tool to attract new hotel guests.

La Paula Apartments & Suites, Seis am Schlern - Herr Michael Steiner

The Connex Marketing Tool makes Apeldör more attractive - for golfers anyway, but also for guests who want to combine a wonderful break with a "Start Golfing kick off".

Golfhotel Gut Apeldör, Hennstedt - Frau Tanja Hussner

What we appreciate about Connex is the excellent cooperation and the friendly guests who book our beautiful house. A partnership that is fun and successful!

Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg, Frankenberg - Frau Stefanie Rauer

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the CONNEX team for a very appreciative and pleasant cooperation and the excellent communication in difficult cases.

Kräuterhotel Hochzillertal***S, Kaltenbach - Frau Elke Platzer

Our goal in the cooperation was to improve the occupancy rate in periods with low bookings. Through this measure, we were able to win many new guests and increase the occupancy rate through sold additional nights.

Kräuterhotel Hochzillertal***S, Kaltenbach - Frau Elke Platzer

With Connex Marketing GmbH, we have had a competent partner at our side for many years. partner at our side, with the common goal of offering our guests a relaxing our guests a relaxing break from everyday life. We look forward to further cooperation.

Hotel Wreecher Hof ****, Insel Rügen – Frau Mandy Olthoff

The Connex Marketing Tool is the ideal addition to our sales portfolio and brings us great guests.

Alpinresort Schillerkopf****S, Bürserberg

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