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Hotel- & Travel Vouchers

TRAVELCARD unlimited

  • an unlimited number of holidays plus hotel vouchers for overnight stays
  • for the hotel voucher holder and a guest
  • in a double room in all holiday plus partner hotels
  • for the entire validity period
  • The booking is on a half-board basis.
  • The nights are paid for with holiday plus hotel vouchers. The guest bears the costs for any additional consumption. 1 to 6 nights can be paid for with hotel vouchers per hotel.
  • Choice of approx. 1200 hotels in various European countries

TRAVELCARD unlimited also includes:

  • an unlimited number of €100 travel vouchers
  • can be redeemed against package holidays or cruise packages offered by tour operators in Austria and Germany with a minimum duration of one week
  • covers full payment regardless of the booked travel price