Reward vouchers and shopping vouchers



  • Ideal for a wide range of interests and requirements
  • Prestigious service partners and offers from various areas of life
  • Free choice for the recipient
  • Individual category selection is possible
  • Corporate design service
  • Full service with technical implementation and voucher/reward logistics


The reward voucher is a tried-and-tested incentive programme that is suitable for universal use, while also offering unique potential for customisation.

  • Free choice of over 1,000 of the latest rewards in the holiday, experience and lifestyle categories
  • Value and range of rewards can be set on an individual basis
  • Print version with gift envelope or digital voucher
  • Can be redeemed separately or collected
  • Comprehensive corporate design service
  • Recipient’s name can be printed
  • Full service for selection and purchase of rewards, storage and dispatch


The Multiselect voucher is the perfect motivational tool for heterogeneous target groups, offering the recipient a convenient online selection of vouchers from well-known companies in a diverse array of industries.

  • Value in euros can be set on an individual basis
  • Voucher delivered in the customer’s corporate design
  • Can be exchanged for vouchers from selected partner companies, for example in the areas of food products, building and dwelling, cosmetics, wine, sports items, holiday, books and much more.
  • Full service to assist with design, partner acquisition for technical implementation and voucher dispatch


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