Data enrichement: VW Financial Services reveals secret to 20%+ response rate

Mr. Stankovský, as a finance company you already have a lot of data at VW Financial Services from your clients. Why is it so important for you, to enrich that data with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers?

To enrich our customer data with actual telephone number and e-mail is a very important and strategic focus for us. First and foremost we are looking for ways to communicate during the contract duration. For example by sending of electronic invoices. The vast majority of our CRM activities depend on valid data, especially for electronic communication with the customers.
Therefore we start the collection already at the beginning of credit or leasing contract. And give the customer easy access to change their contact details.
However to get a strong base of valid user data we have to be even more active.

Jakub_Stankovský, VW Financial Service Czech Republic

That is why a few months ago you launched a very successful campaign to get your clients e-mail permissions and phone numbers. What exactly did you do?

We had to find an affordable yet effective way, to reach our customer base and get their permissions.
So we came up with the idea to use traditional mailings, that we had to send anyways and enrich them with a call to action to give us an e-mail permission. To ensure a high response rate, we integrated an incentive into the process and made it very easy for the customer.
All they had to do was visit a website we communicated in the mailing. There they ended up directly at the form, where they left their e-mail and permission. As a “thank you” everyone received a travel voucher worth EUR 100,- for leaving their e-mail address.

What is the response rate? Which facts and figures are you allowed to share with us concerning the success of the campaign so far?

We were hoping for high response rates, but never expected it to be as unbelievably high as it really turned out in the end. We got more than 20% of the recipients of the mailing to give us their permissions!
The whole process seems very smooth. Once the client enters their e-mail address online, they are rewarded right away with a voucher per e-mail. How much does that contribute to the customer experience and for you in terms of getting valid e-mail addresses?
The voucher was sent via e-mail instantaneously, right after the customer left his data with us. That way we delighted our customers by fast service, while we made sure at the same time, that the e-mail addresses where 100% valid! Because of course you could only get the voucher, by providing a correct e-mail.

The telephone number is not a required field in the online form even though it is a declared goal of you to get the phone number. Why did you choose not to make it mandatory? And do people give it to you anyway?

The telephone number was not required as a mandatory field because our goal was to ensure the high response rate as much as possible and we identified two barriers for getting the voucher as being unacceptable for customers.
This turned out to be a very smart move. Because even though we did not make the telephone field mandatory, more than 90% filled it out voluntarily. So we got the phone numbers, without being overly aggressive about it.

From your experience, what are the success-factors for a data enrichment campaign like yours?

We do have very loyal customers, which gives us a head start on promotions like this one. The big secret however lies in the communication itself. We have made great experiences with not being too aggressive in our marketing communication. And of course you need an interesting benefit for the customer. In the end, the customer has to be motivated or nothing will come out of your activities. With the travel voucher we have obviously found an incentive that is extremely motivating by providing a high value everyone wants, while still fitting into our budget for activities like this one.

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